Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Okay, here's the most recent spy report recieved here at RW Denver Blog HQ. 10-4 good buddies.

T.R. caught the cast dining at a bar near their house (LoDo's? Uptown Tavern?), then later hung out with them at Club Rise. Here are his descriptions of the castmates he met:

Alex- white guy, brunette, kinda skater/surfer/scruffy look but was wearing a button up shirt and jeans. Attending ASU, decent looking. Was by far the most down to earth and nicest of the bunch. The others were acting like celebrities.

Brooke- tall brunette girl, freakishly thin but had a ghetto booty and big breasts. Kinda slutty acting. Has a BEAUTIFUL accent. Attending school in Irvine or somewhere in California but is from Tennessee.

Ty- short for Tyrene, BIG black guy, wasn't nice to be so I didn't get any info.

And the short black guy (TJ?) who wasn't nice at all but is from California.

T.R. also added that the cast is working for Outward Bound, leading expeditions into the mountains. He also says many cast members are getting night jobs to help make ends meet- such as Davis' (?) job at JR's, and Alex may be working at Rise.

And since it's been posted everywhere else, just for info's sake, here are the other cast members (allegedly):

Jeremy, Colie/Nicole.


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