Thursday, June 01, 2006

So, I'm still thinking that the rumors that the cast has already moved in are unfounded. There is a Real World Denver group on Myspace where people have reported 'sightings', but I think they may have just seen the crew shooting B-Roll (the pretty stuff you see before commercials, and the filler shots). The Myspace group sends out bulletins stating that the cast will be at a certain place, yada yada, but I'm pretty sure it's a bunch of bullshit. More likely a bunch of lonely kids pretending to be involved with the show.

Anyway, for some real news... I drove by the house yesterday (as I always do), and there is usually a big plastic sheet type covering over what used to be the patio area for the old B-52's. Well, yesterday evening it was uncovered to reveal a nice little wooden deck area with blue lounge chairs, umbrellas, and the ubiquitous hot-tub. Not roof-top as I expected. What's interesting about this location is that pretty much anyone sitting on this deck is within spitting distance of all the hooligans wandering along Market Street. Interesting choice.

That's all for now! I'll keep you posted.


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