Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two things for you today. Enjoy!

An email I recieved:

i live at premier lofts (22nd and market) and when i was walking home from work tonight i almost got run over by a bunch of real world bitches running from a parked mini-van to the front door of the house. one was screaming at the top of her lungs and she looked wet ... dark hair, running masscara ... kinda slutty, but that's just my opinion. they looked like they had been at the pool or something. the dark haired girl was laughing in between her rather obnoxious screams, so i'm sure she's loving all the attention from the cameras and the neighbors stopped on the street.

A trip to Waterworld, or the waterpark at Elitch's maybe? Thanks Ryan!

From Penny Parker of the Rocky Mountain News:

I told you in April that a Denver cast member of MTV's
Real World would be working as an assistant bartender at JR's, the hot and happenin' gay bar on 17th Avenue.

Well, Jeremy (his show name, not his real one) will soon don an apron to work four nights a week at JR's. After the Denver denizens in the house at 1920 Market St. finish their day jobs, Jeremy will schlep over to JR's to work the night shift.

"I told them they could film any night here except Thursdays," said bar owner Larry McDonald. "It's half-price night, and we're too busy."

When McDonald signed the contract with MTV, he agreed to let the camera, lighting, sound and security crews have full access to his gin joint.

"The security guys are there for the crew; they're not liable for anything that the cast members do," McDonald said.

And after a tab tussle at another local watering hole, where Real World members tried to run out on the check, McDonald says they've been told they must pay their bar bill and tip accordingly.

"When they come into the bar, they don't drink for free," McDonald said. "They also don't call us and tell us when they're coming in."

JR's patrons will have to sign a release if they want to have their mugs shot for the show.

"If you don't sign the release, they can't put your face on TV," McDonald said.

"The last thing some people want is to be outed on TV."

Despite the hassle of having his bar crammed with cameras, McDonald eagerly agreed to expose his place to the national publicity. "First of all, it will show on TV that we're not a bunch of weird gays. And it will give another light to gay society if they choose to film in the bar."

Okay, I go to JR's on ocassion anyway, but now I really need to get my ass over there!


At 5:10 AM, Blogger Big Daddy said...

Let me know when you go,I might tag along or meet you there.


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