Thursday, May 25, 2006

I have loved watching the Real World since I was a wee 12 years old. And finally, only 14 years later, Bunim-Murray Productions, has finally had the common sense to bring this show to my fair city of Denver. Since I am slightly obsessed and drive past the house quite a bit (hey, it's near where I work!), and keep up on the gossip, I hope to give all fans a little insight into the cast/house before the show airs this fall.

My observations/knowledge so far:

The house is located at 1920 Market Street, in the building formerly housing B-52 Billiards. I'm excited to see what they do with this space, as I have spent plenty of time at the bar. It's a cool location... right in the middle of a lot of bars. This street gets very crowded on the weekends. I hope they keep the giant B-52 airplane that used to be in the middle of the actual bar. Here are some pictures taken by someone else a month or so ago. Have no fear, I will be headed there soon with camera in hand.

They changed the awnings on the outside to a blue striped thing. The main sign that used to say B-52's has been taken down and replaced with an orange-ish sign that says Denver on the side of the brick building, just above where the patio was.

Yesterday, May 24, there was a camera person outside just kinda standing around.

Today, May 25, there was a big truck outside unloading arcade games including Golden Tee and Ms. Pacman. Awesome.

More updates soon!


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