Sunday, May 28, 2006

I've been hearing/reading rumors that the cast has moved into their new home. I drove by early in the day before work and it looked really quiet around there, although the front door was open (all I could see was a red metal chair and some little lights in the ceiling). Anyway, I drove by again after work and there were 3 Denver police officers out front and the lights inside seemed to be blazing. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean they are living there yet. That street gets incredibly busy and full of rowdy drunks, and since a lot of people have the day off tomorrow, it was already getting crowded at 9pm. So, they may have just been there to keep people from trying to sneak a peak.

That's the latest!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

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Real World 'Welcome to Denver' party and so-called Reunion. Friday, June 9th at Vinyl. $50 for VIP tix (meet and greet, party with the stars), $10 to just go in, but only 100 people will be allowed. I may just have to try and go to this.

I have loved watching the Real World since I was a wee 12 years old. And finally, only 14 years later, Bunim-Murray Productions, has finally had the common sense to bring this show to my fair city of Denver. Since I am slightly obsessed and drive past the house quite a bit (hey, it's near where I work!), and keep up on the gossip, I hope to give all fans a little insight into the cast/house before the show airs this fall.

My observations/knowledge so far:

The house is located at 1920 Market Street, in the building formerly housing B-52 Billiards. I'm excited to see what they do with this space, as I have spent plenty of time at the bar. It's a cool location... right in the middle of a lot of bars. This street gets very crowded on the weekends. I hope they keep the giant B-52 airplane that used to be in the middle of the actual bar. Here are some pictures taken by someone else a month or so ago. Have no fear, I will be headed there soon with camera in hand.

They changed the awnings on the outside to a blue striped thing. The main sign that used to say B-52's has been taken down and replaced with an orange-ish sign that says Denver on the side of the brick building, just above where the patio was.

Yesterday, May 24, there was a camera person outside just kinda standing around.

Today, May 25, there was a big truck outside unloading arcade games including Golden Tee and Ms. Pacman. Awesome.

More updates soon!